Thursday, 14 March 2013

OnPage/OnSite SEO: Practical Approach with Title and Keyword

It is time to avoid reading theory :) and move to practical approach towards Search Engine Optimization. Now we will focus on things which we need to take care of while applying tools and techniques of SEO. This post is for those who want to learn how to do certain things in SEO. So i will write stuff which will be precise and to the point. Lets come to the point and let me share my way of doing SEO with you.

Title and Keyword:

Choosing a title for the page is the most important phase of OnSite SEO. It takes some time to figure out a unique and relevant title which attracts users over the internet. You can start doing it on paper. Use your brain and think hard. If you already have the titles and keywords in place on your website then you need not think about this. But in some cases clients ask you to suggest titles and keywords which you think are better for SEO. Use Google Keyword Tool for title and keyword analysis. It will help you figure out titles and keywords. Use a minimum of three of the most important keywords in the title and start working on the first one. Take Alexander Solicitors & Advocates as an example. Open this website and check its page title. A perfect way to make a title. Its title looks like this "Alexander Solicitors & Advocates | Solicitors in Luton | Bedfordshire | UK". Now the title shows that this website requires SEO with geographic constraint. When a user writes a query, the search engine does not compare it as it is or as a whole sentence instead it matches the words in a query with a match in website title and content.

Now check its keyword tag. Keywords are "Leading Law Firm UK,Top Notch Lawyers Luton,Legal Advisors in Bedfordshire,Solicitors Luton Bedfordshire". You can observe that the title and keywords contain almost all possible and common words that can be used for a legal adviser. This is how you should keep the title and keywords of the website you are working on. Don't use too many keywords as keywords are not focused on that much according to some SEO pundits but in my point of view even when they are not worth much they are still in the game. Anyway, it is debatable and we may debate it another time.

In next post i will explain how to work with content. Stay in touch folks. Have a great day.


  1. Nice information.. Thanks

  2. Nice information along with the knowledge of Google Tool.

  3. Today i really learned something valuable. I will practice it. Hats off for you Admin

  4. I just checked google keyword tool after reading your post. It is amazing and very useful but it is also make things complex. But still i think it will work. Thank for sharing.


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